Books for Boys

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get boys into reading. Here are a few titles and series that they might like:

  • A-Z mysteries (series of 26 books)
  • Alex Finn books (YA)
  • Basher five-two: the true story of F-16 fighter pilot Captain Scott O’Grady, by Scott O’Grady (interest level: 5-8; reading level 5.5)
  • Books for Boys, by Kathleen Baxter (356 KB PDF)
  • Guys Listen – Books on Tape that guys like to listen to
  • – Jon Scieszka’s website
  • Guys write for guys read: Boys’ Favorite Authors Write about Being Boys, edited by Jon Scieszka (YA)
  • Hardy Boys, by Franklin W. Dixon (interest level: 5-8; reading level 6.7)
  • Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen (interest level: 5-8; reading level 6.3)
  • Hole In My Life, by Jack Gantos. (YA; reading level 5.2)
  • Holes, by Louis Sachar (interest level: 5-8; reading level 6.5)
  • Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton (YA)
  • Magic School Bus (both chapter-type and semi-picture books)
  • Magic Tree House books
  • Matt Christopher books (interest level: 3-6; reading level 3-6) – dirt bike books
  • R.L. Stine books (interest level: 5-8, YA)
  • Star Wars, by George Lucas (YA)
  • The Time Warp Trio series includes Tut Tut, Knights of the Kitchen table, The Not-So-Jolly-Roger, Oh Maya and more
  • Tom Clancy novels (YA-AD)
  • World Records/Ripley’s books & espionage like
  • You Wouldn’t Want to be Sick in the 16th Century: Diseases You’d Rather Not Catch. Franklin Watts, 2002. 32 p. Gr. 4-8. The whole You Wouldn’t Want to Be…series is a real winner for browsing and for assignments.

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