Playaway audio books

A Playaway is an easy-to-use digital player that comes with an entire book pre-loaded on it and ready to go. It weighs just 2 ounces and comes with a AAA battery, headphones/earbuds, and a lanyard (like a necklace) to wear it around your neck as you listen. You can learn more at:

We currently have the following titles:

  1. Airhead by Cabot, Meg.
  2. Along for the ride by Dessen, Sarah.
  3. Ark angel by Horowitz, Anthony.
  4. As easy as falling off the face of the earth by Perkins, Lynne Rae.
  5. Attack of the Fiend by Delaney, Joseph.
  6. Being Nikki by Cabot, Meg.
  7. Betrayals by St. Crow, Lili.
  8. Black heart by Somper, Justin.
  9. Bullet point by Abrahams, Peter.
  10. Claim to fame by Haddix, Margaret Peterson.
  11. Clash of the demons by Delaney, Joseph.
  12. Darkest hour by Cabot, Meg.
  13. Dope sick by Myers, Walter Dean.
  14. Dreamland by Deesen, Sarah.
  15. Eagle Strike by Horowitz, Anthony.
  16. Evil star by Horowitz, Anthony.
  17. Extras by Westerfeld, Scott.
  18. Faerie Lord by Brennan, Herbie.
  19. Forever princess by Cabot, Meg.
  20. Found by Haddix, Margaret Peterson.
  21. Fragile eternity by Marr, Melissa.
  22. Frannie in pieces by Ephron, Delia.
  23. Guardian of the dead by Healey, Karen.
  24. House of many ways by Jones, Diana Wynne.
  25. Howl’s moving castle by Jones, Diana Wynne.
  26. In search of Mockingbird by Ellsworth, Loretta.
  27. Ink exchange by Marr, Melissa.
  28. It’s not summer without you by Han, Jenny.
  29. Jealousy : a strange angels novel by St. Crow, Lili.
  30. Keeping the moon by Dessen, Sarah.
  31. Killing Kennedy : the end of Camelot by O’Reilly, Bill.
  32. Lock and key by Dessen, Sarah.
  33. Lockdown by Myers, Walter Dean.
  34. Masquerade by De la Cruz, Melissa.
  35. Maximum Ride : the angel experiment by Patterson, James.
  36. Necropolis by Horowitz, Anthony.
  37. Neptune’s children by Dobkin, Bonnie.
  38. Palace of Mirrors by Haddix, Margaret Peterson.
  39. Reunion by Cabot, Meg.
  40. Runaway by Cabot, Meg.
  41. Sent by Haddix, Margaret Peterson.
  42. Spells by Pike, Aprilynne.
  43. Stop in the name of pants! by Rennison, Louise.
  44. Strange angels by St. Crow, Lili.
  45. Sunrise over Fallujah by Myers, Walter Dean.
  46. The awakening by Armstrong, Kelley.
  47. The Demon King by Chima, Cinda Williams.
  48. The dragon heir by Chima, Cinda Williams.
  49. The dragonfly pool by Ibbotson, Eva.
  50. The Fetch by Whitcomb, Laura.
  51. The Juvie three by Korman, Gordon.
  52. The reckoning, by Armstrong, Kelley
  53. The road of the dead by Brooks, Kevin.
  54. The secret story of Sonia Rodriguez by Sitomer, Alan Lawrence.
  55. The summer I turned pretty by Han, Jenny.
  56. The summoning by Armstrong, Kelley Solon.
  57. Thirteen days to midnight by Carman, Patrick.
  58. This lullaby by Dessen, Sarah.
  59. Ways to live forever by Nicholls, Sally.
  60. Wicked lovely by Marr, Melissa.

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  1. […] I’ve added the list of our 60 Playaway Audio Books to our New Titles page. You can see the list of titles here. […]

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