Learning about Human Rights

Today Mr. Lee Kyler, a Special Education Teacher at Tupper Lake High School, and his class of six students came to the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library to showcase their project. They’ve been learning about human rights, exploited children, and trafficking in the United States and in other countries. Mr. Kyler and his students have been communicating with a special needs classroom in Croatia, highlighting similarities and differences in child rights between the two countries. The class set up a display to help educate our community about these global problems. The public is invited to see the display during regular library hours.



The audience listens to the students’ presentation: Mr. Paul Maroun, Mr. Seth McGowan, Mrs. Petra LaBarge,  Mrs. Carolyn Merrihew.IMG_2576

Mr. Kyler explained that the United Nations adopted the “Conventions on the Rights of the Child” in November 1989. The US is one of three countries in the world which has not signed the document.

What can you do? There is a petition at the front desk of the library that you can sign to have the US ratify the Conventions on the Rights of the Child. Learn more at:

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