Girl Scouts come to the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library

Oct 9 2013 4th graders with Wendy Moeller

Girl Scout Troop # 4123 of GSNENY (Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York) recently came to the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library to work on a couple of projects. For a Community Service project, the girls are encouraged to participate in: “Buzz about Books”. For this project, the girls give the gift of literacy by collecting and donating new or gently used books to the library. They will receive their “Buzz about Books” patch for their donations. The troop’s fall fundraising program helps them with decision making, money management, goal setting, and people skills. They will learn to “Be a Reader” and to help other young children to learn the love of reading as well.

The troop is also working on their “Working with Your Library” patch. The girls had a tour of the library and learned how the public library is similar and different from the school library. They learned how to use the online catalog to find resources, and about the loan policies and other services of the library. They asked lots of great questions, signed up for library cards if they didn’t already have one, and checked out books.

There are 17 scouts in troop # 4123: Hailey Bissonette, Karen Bujold, Alexis Callaghan, Camille Cuttaia, Ashleigh Flagg, Libby Gillis, Chelsy Locke, Jade McCottery, Marissa Moeller, Emma Robillard, Emileigh Smith, Izabella Stalhammar, Jenna Switzer, Trista Strader-Moore, and Morgan Dewyea. Troop Leader is Wendy Moeller,  and Assistant Leader is Nanci Smith. Missing from the photo are Ruby LaDue and Sara Trabakoulos.

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