Urgent need for O Negative and B Negative blood donations!

The American Red Cross has an urgent need for O Negative and B Negative blood donations.

The next blood drive is scheduled for January 23rd, from 11:30-4:30 in our public library’s Community Room (downstairs).

Walk-ins are welcome!

Ask a friend to donate with you!

  • Volunteer blood donors of all blood types are continuously needed to maintain a strong and stable blood supply. Donors with type O negative and B negative blood are especially needed now as hospital distributions of these blood types are outpacing donations causing an urgent need situation.
  • Recently a hospital served by the American Red Cross ordered 40 type O negative red cells for just one patient undergoing a hysterectomy.
    • Thanks to the generous blood donors that gave in the days and weeks before, these products were available for this patient.
  • Every day, the Red Cross must collect more than 17,000 pints of blood for patients at more than 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. The need for blood is constant and every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.
  • Patients receive blood and platelets for many different reasons. Perhaps it’s a premature baby, a family member with cancer or a friend involved in a car accident who needs blood. Whatever the reason, a shortage in the supply means that blood may not be available when it’s needed most.

Please give blood, especially if you have O negative or B negative blood. It is important that we work together to do everything we can to ensure your upcoming blood drive is successful. Together our efforts can help save lives.

If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767), or visit redcrossblood.org to find another blood donation opportunity.

The Red Cross is grateful to those to commit to helping save lives!

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